Unforgettable Elephants


These Mummy and Baby elephants are one of my favourite sewing projects as of late. They were in fact made as a Christmas present for my goddaughter who is now around 9 months old. Whilst she is much more interested in chewing and throwing her toys at the moment, I wanted my first ever Christmas present to her to be full of love and meaning. I am sure these lovely pair will grace the shelves to keep them safe through the teething period but after that I hope that they can be enjoyed and will provide lovely cuddles to a very special little girl.

The pattern for these elephants came from the Sew Everything Workshop (S.E.W) book written by Diana Rupp. As a fairly novice sewer it did take me a little longer than expected to get my head around the assembly of the pieces needed to create the 3D shape but once I got the hang of it, it all came together beautifully. I used a blue polka-dot canvas fabric and stitched eyes instead of using buttons to make it hardy enough for a baby!

I have kept hold of the pattern for these lovelies and will be tracing it off to make it last as I am sure I will be creating many more of these little animals for friends and family.


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