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One of the best things about making a present for someone is being able to create something that is totally personal. Whether it’s something you’ve stitched, upcycled or baked, having your recipient in mind from start to finish will only leave you with something you are delighted to give and will be gratefully received.

My favourite way to personalise my gifts is to adorn them with initials or a name. To me, nothing says one of a kind more than this!

Two of my favourite sewing projects as of late have been personalised in this way. The first was a cushion for a very dear friend of mine, which, whilst a very simple design, turned out to look pretty effective (or so I thought!). For this cushion I just stitched up a very simple envelope style cushion cover in a blue cotton fabric (to match her room) and then appliqued the M using a floral vintagey style fabric. I chose this fabric as the little blue flowers complement the blue cotton whilst the pink/purple style flowers add more depth of colour. I also used a matching pink cotton thread to zig zag stick around the initial to add further interest. Safe to say, I think she loved it – so present success!

The second was a stocking I created for my goddaughters first Christmas (I am already starting to think that Rose will feature in many of my blog posts). It was super easy to make using some thick hessian with a red cotton lining. I used some fuse-a-web interfacing to attach the tartan fabric letters (a must have for all newbie sewers) and a red zig zag stitch to make sure it was all nice and secure. The final touch was a long red satin ribbon that I threaded through the top of the lining using a button hole stich around the opening for that ‘oh so professional’ finish. Every year we will reuse the bag to fill it with new presents until that dreaded day when she asks for a gift card!

I already have some big plans for future initialled/named personalised projects – watch this space!


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