Decopatching Bristol, bookends and boxes

Bristol decopatch box

Decopatch is a bit like papier mache, only much prettier, and was introduced to me by my Mum who totally loves it. The blue box pictured above is actually one of her amazing creations gifted to me as a housewarming present. She painted an old storage box, covered it in pictures of Bristol that had originally been a part of a 2013 calendar and then filled it with wine – shows just how much she knows me eh? As a lovely little extra touch she also decorated the inside of the box with vintage show posters (she had the tough job of watching me prance about on a stage for most of my childhood). It has been on display in my lounge ever since and its something I will treasure for ever – go Mum.

So when I was looking for something a little different for my bookshelf it seemed only right to give decopatch a go for myself. If Mum could do it, so could I… right? So armed with a cardboard &, an old newspaper and some PVA glue, I got to it! Turns out – its pretty easy – even if you don’t have all the proper tools (Mum swears by her decopatch glossy glue, papers and varnish). All you need to do is cut/rip and stick. Simples. Before I knew it, my boring cardboard & was covered in all of the words that you normally find hidden behind the covers on the bookshelf and was serving its purpose as a quirky little bookend. I like it.

Decopatch is a great technique that can be used to cover almost any material, including wood and glass, so can be great when looking to breathe new life into an old object. You can also use anything from a napkin to a vintage magazine to cut out and stick with so the combinations are endless (the little white box below is covered in pink flowers from a napkin – again made by Mama) and I am sure that anyone who gives it a go would enjoy it.

I plan to use decopatch much more in future upcycling projects. Who knows, I may even invest in some of Mum’s ‘swear by varnish’.


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