The Lady in the Butterfly Hat


My last blog post on paper craft decopatch got me thinking back to a collage I put together way back in 2012 and even though its pretty old, it definitely deserves a mention on this blog! The lady in the butterfly hat is one of my greater achievements, mostly because it was the first time I had done collage since school (and my expectations were pretty low), but also because its given me a piece of artwork that is totally unique and I am unashamedly proud of.

I was lucky enough to have a mentor/partner in crafting crime throughout the duration of this project who goes by the name of Indigo Jax. She is not only an incredible artist (check out her work at, but a great friend. We spent many hours collaging, chatting, painting and crafting our projects alongside one another and it was a lovely way to see through the winter evenings.

The lady in the butterfly hat is centred around two key images; the demure looking woman snipped from a high end fashion magazine combined with the stunning array of wild butterflies taken from National Geographic. Building on these key images is a further patchwork collage of greenery and a painted forest skyline. I used a black gel edging around the central butterflies and a wire wool scratching technique through the trees to give the collage further depth. Watercolour paint was used on the butterfly wings to give a graduated green tinge helping them to blend seamlessly with the shrubs at the bottom.

The lady in a butterfly hat is now framed and there to remind me that not all first attempts are there to be remade. For anyone looking for a January project, give collage a go! Cut out anything that interests you from old magazines, pull all the pieces together and see what happens!


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