5 new crafts for 2015


Is it still January?! This month has already been far too long and to pass the time I have filled more nights than I care to mention with re-runs of Kirstie’s Handmade Britain. The programme is my guilty pleasure and I find myself pretty envious of our Kirst as she travels up and down the country learning new skills from super talented craftspeople only returning to spend time in a gorgeous Devonshire cottage. No fair.

Anyway, watching KHMB has given me an itch to learn some new crafts over the course of the year and I figured that if I write my ambitions here, I will be committed to fulfilling them! So here goes, these are the top 5 new crafts that I want to learn/attempt this year:

  1. Knitting

Specifically knitting a woolly hat. I love the idea of being able to choose some wool, pick up some knitting needles and follow a pattern to come up with a snuggly little winter accessory. I am going to try and self-teach this skill using YouTube and books (and hopefully a little help from some friends) so that I can share the best resources on here for newbie knitters like me.

Winter is probably the best time to learn how to knit – I’m thinking, log fires and the click clack of knitting needles which in reality is probably going to sound quite different *cue the sound of grumbles of frustration* – and besides, I’d like to make use of my woolly hat. Plan is to get going with this one first.

  1. Homemade cordials

Elderflower cordial may be one of my favourite drinks ever so I am dying to give making it myself ago. Elder blossoms at the start of the summer so as soon as everything starts warming up a bit I shall be off for a forage!

  1. Mosaic

Definitely inspired by some of the creations demonstrated on Kirstie’s Handmade Britain. I love the idea of turning some broken crockery into something new, beautiful and most importantly useful.

  1. Candles

My Yankee Candle addiction is getting out of hand. Time to create my own!

  1. Scrapbooking

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous Cath Kidston scrapbook for Christmas filled with enough blank pages to document a whole year. Scrapbooking is much more than just sticking photos in a book and I am looking forward to working on this keep-sake project.

So there you have it – wish me luck (and advice is always welcome)! Are there any new crafts you are looking to try this year?


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