Fabric Cards



I have been lucky enough to have been invited to a number of weddings this year and like all great events, the celebrations begin with an RSVP.

With a stash of fabric to get through and a set of alphabet stamps that hadn’t yet been used, I set to work on creating some little evening acceptance cards and soon got pretty carried away. Sewing onto card is weirdly satisfying and takes no time at all – just make sure you keep the needle to one side as they get pretty blunt and so are no good to use on fabric. I created a string of bunting by sewing some red gingham and polka-dot fabric triangles onto card and then attached hessian string using a glue gun to bring them all together. All that was left to do then is to stamp on the message and voila!

I also decided to create some birthday cards using a similar technique and some blue fabric in balloon shapes – I have kept the message as is for now but may add a name to the front of these to give them a more personal touch.

Annoyingly some of the ink from the stamps smudged onto the white of one of my cards and so if you’re looking to recreate something similar i’d recommend keeping some scrap paper handy to create a protective border around the area you’re lettering. Also, the thicker the card the better!

I will certainly be adding a few more designs to my collection of fabric cards. Its a great way to use up off cuts of fabric and is a quick and easy project!


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