Cosmetic bags

photo 1A girl can never have too much makeup and what better place to keep it all than in a pretty cosmetic bag.

These little zipped storage bags are made from 100% cotton fabric and interfaced with a fleece lining to keep them standing upright on their own whilst also keeping your prized Mac lippy safe from harm in your handbag.

I originally sewed two up to give as presents filled with little treats but I also decided to make the yellow one for myself from a left over Love Sewing fat quarter. Overall I was pretty pleased with the result and even more surprised to see that since posting a picture of them on my Instagram a few friends have said they wanted to buy them! Who knows if they were just being polite but it was certainly a lovely compliment to receive. I have never gone into sewing with the aim of selling my makes but it’s something I may well look at as a charity fundraiser in the future.

The hardest bit of this project was (as always seems to be with me) choosing two contrasting pieces of fabric for the outer and inner layers of the bag – I am just too fussy. Do you ever have that trouble? That being said this is a great pattern to follow if you are just getting started and want to build up your experience working with zips.

Now I have a totally valid excuse to buy some more makeup, right?


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