Upcycled Bunting

Upcycled bunting

From 8.30-9.30pm this evening the world will turn out the lights to mark WWF’s Earth Hour. If you’re planning on getting involved, why not pass the time by taking on the ‘Earth Hour Bunting Challenge’ which (in advance of this evening) I have just completed!

Like what you see? Here’s a step by step guide to making your own upcycled bunting:

  1. Rummage around the cupboards, the loft, charity shops or jumble sales for colourful fabrics. I was able to find three double sized bed sheets in my local British Heart Foundation shop which only cost around £10 – so much cheaper than buying from fabric shops, the money goes to a great cause and it keeps the cotton from landfill. Win,win and win. If you are buying from jumble sales or charity shops though make sure you give everything a good wash before you use it.
  2. Make a bunting template from a piece of card (my triangle was 20 x 30 x 30cm). Lay fabric out with any patterns facing up.  Lay your pattern piece onto the fabric and cut as many flags as you would like to. I made 9 flags so cut 18 pieces of fabric out.
  3. Place your first piece of fabric on the table with the right side facing up at you.  Lay on a second piece face down so the right sides are together and pin along the two long sides. Sew around the two 30cm edges with a 1cm seam allowance.
  4. Trim the excess fabric off at the point to reduce the fullness.  Turn the flags the right way round and carefully poke the point through with small scissors. Iron the flags so that they are all flat and neat.  Trim any excess off the top so that you have a neat straight line.
  5. Use bias binding to seal the raw edges leaving longer ends to hang the bunting with and you’re done!

I am seeing friends this evening for a bit of an Earth Hour gathering where we will be playing board games by candle light. My new upcycled bunting will be the perfect addition to this mini celebration and I cant wait to show it off. After tonight I will be sending my bunting into WWF where it will be taken along to the climate demonstration in June.

If you are taking part in Earth Hour this evening (bunting or no bunting) make sure you are signed up to Earth Hour on Saturday 28 March to join a community of people who love our amazing planet. Then join me in sharing your work with the WWF on Facebook and Twitter using #EarthHourUK.

If you end up making bunting and want to send it in for the climate demonstration, the address you’ll need is:

‘Earth Hour Bunting Challenge’:
Earth Hour Team
The Living Planet Centre
Rufford House
Brewery Road
Woking Surrey
GU21 4LL

Happy sewing!

L x



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