Handmade Easter Bunnies

Handmade Easter Bunnies

As Easter weekend approaches, many of us will be looking forward to a long bank holiday weekend and the prospect of eating as much guilt free, egg shaped chocolate as we like. Trouble is that once it’s all over all we are really left with is a few extra pounds and a whole lot of packaging. Sad face. Is there a smarter way to mark the start of Spring?

Whilst the custom of giving chocolate eggs at Easter has its religious roots, the eggs you now find in the shops can often be just that little bit boring. So this April I thought I’d make things a whole lot more personal – cue the handmade bunnies!

Bunny rabbits at Easter isn’t exactly ground breaking stuff, after all most of us already associate them with this time of year, but as I was looking to give more of a timeless present they seemed like the best option (and oh so cute).

Once I knew what I wanted to make, the pattern searching began! I settled on a lovely design from the Tilda book ‘Crafting Springtime Gifts’ which are all really representative of the designer’s Scandinavian background – a look I adore. There are actually quite a few patterns for bunny rabbits in here but I settled on the larger lop ear design which I then went onto alter slightly to get the look I really wanted.

The bunnies are made from both linen and cotton as I wanted to experiment a little bit with colour and also make sure they were suitable for both grown-ups and littler ones. There is a fair amount of hand stitching involved in the construction of these little hoppers which definitely gives them a ‘handmade feel’ but as a word of warning to those who are looking to stitch these up as well, allow yourself some more time thank you’d think!

Once completed, I attached a little hand stamped label and all that was left to do was send them on to close family and friends together with best wishes for a lovely Easter.

Since posting these out I have already heard back from their new owners who have named the two linen ones Aggie and Rascal (after a long lost pet bunny). Heres hoping they will live happily ever after in their new homes for many more seasons to come.

L x

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