Embroidery Hoop Baskets

Embroidery hoop basket

Spring has well and truly sprung and it seems to have brought a whole lot of happy with it. I don’t know if it’s the sunny weather, the longer days or the end of a long financial year but even the properly miserable bloke who works in my local newsagents wished me a good day this morning – it’s clearly intoxicating (in a really, really good way)!

This change in season has definitely affected me too and in between my truly awful renditions of ‘here comes the sun’ I’ve been giving some thought to future projects and where I’d like this blog to go. I’ve decided that I’d like to expand my portfolio by taking the leap over into making clothing and writing a little bit more around sustainable and ethical fashion which has been a real area of interest to me for quite some time. So watch this space for more on that – ahhh!

However, before I go bounding off into that new and exciting territory I thought it was about time I brought a little organisation to my work space, my home, (my life?) all in the name of a good old Spring clean. I happen to live in a pretty small cosy flat which means I already have had to be pretty on it when it comes to maximising every storage option possible but even so, I still find myself grumbling “I need more space” on the regular. The solution came when I was talking to a friend about her hanging baskets in the garden and a lightbulb went off – what about hanging baskets in the home?

“How revolutionary” I thought “I am a genius, how has no-one thought of this before?!” Turns out they actually had. Hmph. So once I came right back down to earth I stumbled across a pretty good pattern for an indoor hanging basket using an embroidery hoop. Seeing as I am a secret lover of all things twee (well maybe not so secret) this was right up my street – time to find some equally twee material! Pip pip!

I managed to find some embroidery hoops of various sizes in my local charity shop which was pretty damn lucky and definitely one of the perks in living in an area where I’m pretty sure no-one really knows what these mystical wooden hoops do. So once the sustainability credentials box were well and truly ticked I decided I could allow myself a little splurge in Fabric Land (one out of two ain’t bad, right?!). I chose a red polkadot fabric for the outer of my baskets and a teapot print that Cath Kidston herself would be proud of for the lining. All that was left to do then was to cut it all out, sew it all up, loop it on the embroidery hoop and hey presto, a little hanging basket.

The pattern comes from Debbie Shore’s ‘Sew Useful: Simple Storage Solutions for the Home’ which, if like me and you are also struggling for space, has some great little gems in it. From toy hammocks to laundry bags Debs has thought of it all and if you’re a fellow newbie sewer the book’s step by step pictures are a god send.

My little pair of hanging baskets are now proudly tied to my kitchen unit and I use them to store all of my clean tea towels. These would also be really useful to store accessories or scarfs in a wardrobe and I am already considering making some bigger versions for elsewhere in the home.

Have you done your spring clean yet? If you’ve made your own storage solutions recently please do share as I’d love to read about it.

L x

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