Second-hand style: Festival

Charity shop festival outfit fashion style

I cannot think of a better time to rock some pre-loved fashion than a festival. The outfits are wilder, the colours are bolder and glitter is a staple. However, throw in some mud, booze and those toilets and it becomes a very bad idea to spend a fortune on your outfits. The solution? Second-hand!

From head to toe here’s how to build up your perfect festival wardrobe:


Mix and match pieces that you can layer up are key when you’re camping. In my opinion denim shorts are the absolute one as you can wear them over tights and combine them with pretty much every top in your cupboard. Dark denim won’t show up the mud and as they are shorts they will dry out much quicker if you get rained on.

Can’t find a suitable pair in your local charity shop? Do a quick DIY on a pair of pre-loved jeans instead (I find there are always loads on the rails). If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine you can hem your new shorts for a clean look or embrace the fringing and leave them a little frayed. I have made quite a few pairs of shorts this way as it gives me total control over how long they are (I’m not so into bum cheek exposé). To add extra detailing you could also sew some lace onto the denim or how about using some wonderweb to add colour/sequins?

DIY shorts upcycled

Printed t-shirts

Old band t-shirts look amazing at any festival. Trust me. Baggy ones look great on their own or tied up and the more faded they are the more authentic they look. Also if you’re going to see a pretty established artist and you’re wearing a tee from their tour 20 years ago you may even get a nod of approval from the lead singer (this actually happened to my friend – true story).

Band t-shirts vintage festival style


It gets surprisingly cold at night (yes even in the summer). Don’t be that person who forgets to take a jacket with them to a festival but there is also no need to be that person who takes 10 different options. The walk from the car park to your tent is long and you’ll need something that is pretty multi-purpose. At Glasto this year my khaki green military jacket went with everything I wore and was baggy enough to go over hoodies and t-shirts as the nights drew in. I was lucky enough to find one that had been embellished and studded by trawling through eBay but with some of that leftover wonder web whos to stop you creating your own from a plain jacket? I’ve even seen Barbour khaki jackets in some charity shops – ooerr.

Second hand festival jacket

Bum bag

There is no alternative. This is a hands free, multi pocketed answer to all of your festival woes. Where do I put my bag when I’m in the long drop? No longer a worry. How can I jump around like a crazy person when my favourite song comes on? Bounce away my friend. How can I bring an 80’s vibe to the party? Sorted.

I managed to find a psychedelic retro one in an animal shelter charity shop for around £2. The bum bag is back.

Retro bum bag


Essential for any festival as it will be muddy and let’s face it, it will rain. EBay is probably the best place to look for a pre-loved wellington (you can sometimes get brand new ones from people who have been given them as presents and they don’t fit!). Don’t forget to take long socks though.

If you end up trashing your wellies at the festival, don’t chuck them, upcycle them.

Joules wellington boots


Go crazy here guys. I’m talking flowers, feathers, crazy hats, sequins, headbands and glitter. All of the glitter!! Feeling brave? Take on the ‘charity shop challenge’ with your friends and see what you can buy for one another to wear with a fiver.

Festival arm candy

What I wore:

Second-hand festival style what I wore(Glastonbury Festival, 2015)

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