DIY Denim: Back to Black

 diy denim faded machine dye  

What do you do if your favourite pair of black jeans are now more of a muted grey? Don’t ditch the denim – dye it!

We all have a favourite pair of jeans that cling to all the right places whilst being comfy at the same time. For me, these kind of jeans are a special rarity given my ‘pear shape’ (aka slim waist and big butt – cheers mum!) so when I find a pair of trousers, jeans or even sometimes leggings that work well I quite simply want to make them last forever! The trouble is that multiple wears mean multiple washes and with is comes the dreaded fade. You can definitely get away with this on blue denim, even adding a few rips or distresses towards the end of their life for a whole different look however when it comes to black jeans, this kind of fade cannot be carried off in the same way!

There is a solution though and reviving your favourite black jeans is a whole lot easier than you might think. Two words for you here: machine dye.

 Dylon Machine Dye DIY Jeans Black Denim How to dye 

You can pick up a Dylon fabric dye for machine use for around £5. One 400g pack will easily cover a pair of jeans. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Wearing rubber gloves, empty Wash & Dye powder into washing machine drum & add dry fabric

2. Immediately run a 40°C cotton cycle without pre-wash or economy setting

3. Add normal washing detergent & run 40°C cotton cycle to remove excess dye from fabric & to clean the machine

4. Dry fabric as normal, away from sunlight and heat

This dye won’t damage your machine or affect subsequent washes (I can vouch for it).

And once complete – you have yourself a seemingly new pair of black jeans for a fraction of the cost of a new pair (both for your pocket and the environment). It’s a win win.

Dylon dye black jeans how to dye 
L x



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