From sheet to chic

Take one kingsized bedsheet, add a lot of cutting, a little sewing, loads of cups of tea and voila, you got yourself a patchwork cushion cover! Here’s my little tutorial on how to turn unwanted sheets into shabby chic…

upcycled cushion cover upcycling sheets charity shop shabby chic patchwork vintage DIY sewing china blue floral stripes spots white bedding bedlinen craft

I have recently moved into a new flat and have become a woman obsessed with soft furnishings! From quilts to cushions, bunting to throws I could quite easily deck my home top to toe with it all. However, being the fuss pot I am I can be quite choosy with what I am looking for in the shops and with a will to be a susty as possible I have been keen to make my vintage styling actually vintage. It was time to bring out the sewing machine!

Looking to continue the shabby chic feel of my bedroom, I wanted to make something patchwork. However, when you’re looking at this kind of project, not only do you need to buy your material in several different patterns, you also have to make sure those fabrics work together in colour and density. Not easy, especially when choosing from a more niche selection.

Feeling disheartened after trawling vintage stalls and eBay I practically jumped for joy when on a regular rummage in my local RSPCA charity shop I found a beautiful kingsize bedset printed with flowers, stripes and spots in the exact shade of china blue I was looking for. It gets better. This bedset was still in its packaging and was marked up for the grand sum of £5.99. It quickly became mine.

Here’s how I upcycled a kingsize bed sheet into a patchwork cushion cover :

  1. As always, when buying anything from a charity shop give your sheets a good hot wash
  2. Measure the size of your cushion pad and add a 1cm seam allowance to your pattern
  3. Separate your material by cutting across the patterns marked on the sheets and decide which of those patterns to use on the back of your cushion cover
  4. Cut two pieces of fabric for your backing which measure the length of your cushion (+1cm ) and the width of two thirds of your cushion. Hem along one of the long edges on both pieces of fabric.
  5. Create the patchwork front for your cushion by cutting squares from all three patterns on the fabric and stitching them together to make one big square that is the same width and length of your cushion (+1cm) (see here for a tutorial on patchwork)
  6. Placing right sides together and matching up your two back pieces with the square of patchwork sew all the way around the fabric with a 1cm seam allowance.
  7. Turn the right way out, pop your cushion pad inside and you’re done.

My new cushions really brighten up my bedroom and add a touch of ‘country cottage’ to my city centre flat.  Now all that’s left to do is see what else I can furnish with that leftover fabric…

L x


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