All wrapped up

See ya bottle bags – I am now on my way to becoming a gift wrapping pro!

Too good to open?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a gift wrapping workshop in Bristol hosted by the lovely Amanda at Gift Frippery. I’d been following Amanda’s Instagram page for quite some time, always in awe of the Pinterest worthy creations she would post that take gift wrapping to a whole new level. As you’ll see @Gift-frippery, Amanda also uses a lot of upcycled and natural pieces in her decorating, helping to add the final flourish and of course proving that you can use something old to create something new. Needless to say, I was seriously looking forward to learning how to recreate this style of wrapping at home and what more of an excuse did I need to dust off the old blog and get right back into it.

The workshop was held around the table in Amanda’s beautiful kitchen and I joined four other ladies over a cup of tea and some amazing bakes which @bakingbree has bought along. Firstly, can I just publically state that Bridget’s meringues were uh-mazing. Secondly, meeting the other ladies for the first time and going through the workshop together was unexpectedly one of my favourite parts of the day! There really is something about being sat together, crafting and creating something beautiful with your hands which you can’t create over a WhatsApp group. Note to self, get the girls together for more crafternoons!


Baked amazing-ness

Our first project was to learn how to wrap up a wine bottle. Now I’ll hold my hands up here, whilst I love to wrap presents, I do get a bit lazy with the bottles as they are just so damn tricky and so I normally just stick a bit of ribbon around the top. Not any more though as Amanda showed us how using some tissue paper and cellophane you can pleat your way around the bottle – who knew? To add the final touch (or should I say frippery!) we learnt how to make little tassels out of paper string, which was actually a lot easier than it looks, and I loved the kitsch look of it all when it came together.

Our beautiful bottles

Next, we tackled the classic box shape. Might seem like an easy wrap but Amanda taught us how to make the paper triangles at each end match up exactly – and there was not a scrap of shiny celotape to be seen. The box frippery was made up of simple white netting and a length of pink ribbon which we learned how to curl into a rose. A little tricky to get the hang of, but with the help of my new friends I got the hang of it, eventually. The perfect pretty parcel!

Pretty in pink

Finally, we learnt how to make gift envelopes out of some unwanted colouring book paper. A simple design which could be sealed off with black ribbon for a classic monochrome look. The best bit about making your own gift envelopes is that you can use any bits of stiff paper you have around and with a quick snip and a bit of glue you have something much more interesting than gift card presented in a plain white packet.


The cherry on top

Three makes all using different techniques that could be applied to lots of present shapes. I was surprised at how much we had covered in just two hours! Amanda also gifted us with a little eggbox filled with chocolates. I can confirm as the receiver of this present, it was too good to open and I tried for ages to get the chocolates out of the edges so I wouldn’t ruin the packaging. Now if that isn’t gift wrapping goals, I’m not sure what is!!

All in all, the workshop with Gift Frippery was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Bring your old friends, make some new ones, stare at beautiful fripperies and drink tea – what more could you want? Just make sure your friends know its gift wrapping and not rapping. I had a few confused faces when telling people what I was up to on the weekend.

Find future workshop dates at:


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